Saturday, July 21, 2007

Visiting "Fatherneed" - From Director Dana Glazer

I've been reading Dr. Kyle Pruett's "Fatherneed" this weekend and what an incredible book. It really covers the gamut of fatherhood experience in ways that only a book can. Honestly, I've felt a bit humbled as Dr. Pruett has made such strives in articulating the benefits of involved fatherhood in this book - and then I consider that the book has been out of print for a while. What a travesty! It's not that old a book and what it discusses is more relevant now than ever before. Is it that people don't like to read books about dads? Certainly, if you go to Barnes and Nobles you won't find much in the child care/family section that relates specifically to dads. At least that was my experience. I'm assuming that if dad-related books were flying off the shelves there'd be more available. This thought of course leads to the question: are people going to want to watch a movie about dads? And then I consider how the Father's Day video just reached 400,000 views on YouTube this weekend and keeps growing. The amount of times people have shared that they cried in response to the video is overwhelming for me personally and only further commits my every waking moment to making a film worthy of the American Dad. But in the meantime, if you want to read a great book about involved dads, go find a used copy of "Fatherneed" or order one from Dr. Pruett (as I did) and please tell him that I sent you!

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