Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Daughter Who Wanted To Be A Dad

We're always on the lookout for people to help with the project who are incredibly passionate about fatherhood. Meriel Shire is one such person. She grew up under the care of a divorced father and their bond is something very, very special.

"When I was a little girl and I learned that I couldn't be a father when I grew up, I was really upset," Meriel remembers.

Meriel shared with me how devoted her dad has been over the years. When she was going through puberty he took her bra shopping. They would have very candid conversations about sex and other things that most fathers would squirm at. Meriel shared how her father became a surrogate dad for many of her friends who had poor or non-existent relations with their own actual fathers.

In a time where so many daughters don't really know their dads, it's a real pleasure to hear accounts like Meriel's. Listening to Meriel and others, it becomes so clear how much potential the role of fatherhood can have.

So, welcome aboard, Meriel. We're so glad to have you involved in the project!

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Kristen said...

Meriel Shire is my surrogate father! So she did get to become a daddy after all :) She's a wonderful girl/papa!