Sunday, April 27, 2008

If You Believe In The Mission...

Hey there!

I don't normally use this venue for fundraising purposes, but the honest truth is that in order to really achieve the goal of getting the film released for Father's Day 2010, some extra ampage in this department is needed.

For this Father's Day I'm shooting to raise $10,000, which will help sustain production needs for a time. (The total budget is going to be considerably more.) With this goal in mind, I've created a 'ChipIn' widget:

This widget is also now placed on the official Evo Dad site and can be copied and pasted elsewhere.

If you believe in what I'm trying to achieve - that it's possible to redefine what it means to be a dad for a lot of people and to get more dads involved with their kids - then I'm asking for your financial help. I know many of you reading this are not rolling in cash but even a few bucks would help. For the price of a cab ride, a movie ticket or a Big Mac, you can make a difference with this project.

Of course, if you are inspired to want to contribute further, larger contributions are completely tax deductible here.

I don't like lots of solicitations myself, but forgive me for an occasional ask. It's really the only way to get this film done the way it deserves. Thanks so much!

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