Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Simply Melt Right In...

My kids are pretty heavily into Schoolhouse Rock at the moment and it's great to be sharing something that I used to love watching as a kid on Saturday mornings. The music is great and more educational than a thousand Sesame Streets.

This was a special day for our nation and, as we watched President Obama be elected, I couldn't help but hear that song "Great American Melting Pot" playing again and again in my head.

"America was founded by the English,
But also by the Germans, Dutch, and French.
The principle still sticks;
Our heritage is mixed.
So any kid could be the president.

You simply melt right in,
It doesn't matter what your skin.
It doesn't matter where you're from,
Or your religion, you jump right in
To the great American melting pot..."

It's a special day when the ideals of our nation become a reality as well as a helpful reminder that in America anything can happen.

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New-Dad-Blog said...

It's a great point. I can't stand it when people get mad about "Having to push 1 for English". "This is America, everyone should speak English" doesn't fly with me. Yeah it would be nice if that was the way it was, but our founding fathers made it so there is NO OFFICAL LANGUAGE for our country.

The United States is a living breathing thing, that grows and changes as the people do. Learning to accept that, preferably at a young age, will make this country a better place.