Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Come Clean About Housework

Okay, time to come clean. When I was filming Dr. Michael Kimmel recently about men and housework, what he said is basically what my wife has been saying for years about me and housework. Guess I'm not alone in this. (Deb, I promise to do better.)


Amy said...

Hi, Dana! Hope all is well with you and I can't wait to see Evolution of Dad in its entirety.

Regarding men and housework, I think a lot of the housework issues also stem from a power imbalance at home. Dr. Kimmel's analogy about the boss and the report contains an obvious power hierarchy of supervisor/subordinate. But do women really want the task of being the boss to their husband at home, or do they want an equal partner? The clip contains a lot of truth. The solution? I think it lies in treating each other like fully competent equals, and, as such, determining how we both want the home to be kept up (including what it means to vacuum a room, if needed) as a team. It can't just be a man trying to vacuum to his wife's expectations.


Lucia Phillips said...

I came across you blog and enjoyed reading it. I would love your opinion on my blog about fatherhood