Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like Aspirin To A Headache

Here is a sampling of our recent interview with Dr. Kyle Pruett, one of the giants in the study of fatherhood. It's pioneering father experts like Dr. Pruett who really put things into focus. Aside from being incredibly deep and thoughtful, Dr. Pruett's unceasing passion for making an impact on the role of fatherhood is contagious. I hope this brief snippet of our conversation fires you up as much as did for me.

If you want to learn more about what Dr. Pruett has to say about all things dad and don't want to wait for the film to be released (Father's Day 2010), then I heartily recommend you check out his book, Fatherneed. It's writing like this that makes the study of fatherhood so worthwhile.


chicago pop said...

Awesome clip! Can't wait for the movie. Like he says, the numbers and science all back up the claims about why dad's need to be involved, but most of us (or at least the crowd I hang with) just "get" that fact intuitively. It makes sense. Even though my own dad sometimes bugs the hell out of me, I recognize that he was there for the first 20 years of my life. That's no small matter.

Dana said...

Thanks for chiming in, Chicago Pop. It's amazing how much this stuff doesn't click with the culture at large. Here's to hoping this film will make a dent. Take care!