Monday, March 17, 2008

NYC Fatherhood Conference April 12th

For all you dads out there who are in the NYC area here's an interesting fatherhood conference to check out:

"A Father's Shoes: Exploring the Evolving Role of Fatherhood in the 21st Century."

Glad to see we're not the only ones thinking about the evolution. Anyway, the conference is on April 12th, at the Grace Church in the Village. For more info, please click HERE and scroll down to "Fatherhood Conference."

We'll likely be there as well, interviewing people, so if you do show up, come find us and be in the film!


Jeremy Neal said...

Sounds interesting. As you said, good to see others thinking about how fatherhood is "evolving." Let us know how it goes!

Thomas F. Anglero said...


I love the concept of your film and would like to contribute. I'm also a Dad that is being proactive about being a parent. I started WiHood, ( ), a virtual desktop PC service for children to close the digital divide amongst our children by providing every child with a virtual PC with the latest software and services.

I will only be in NYC from April 1-8th, so I will not be able to make this conference but I would have loved to participate to provide a New Yorkers perspective who is living in Norway on how it is to be a Dad and running an IT company for families with children. Its probably a little different perspective than most.

Please contact me if this is of interest.

Take care!

Thomas F. Anglero said...

Hi Dana,

WiHood focuses mainly on families. Our success with the schools is because my kids go to the school so I gave the principal an offer she couldn't refuse. The idea of rolling it out to more schools is in the works and the success we have in Norway, I hope will help in NYC.

I will know more when I go back to NYC in April and meet with local organizations like the Boys' Club of NY and the Henry Street Settlement who are very interested in partnering with WiHood to close the digital divide.

It makes me feel personally very good to be able to go back to NYC and contribute to the community that I came from.

Full steam ahead!!!

Spencer said...

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the heads-up on the NYC conference!

I will be there. Probably with the little guy.

See you there,

Spencer at SohoKind

Spencer said...

Hi Dana,

Not sure if the link to Grace's Church is working in the blog.

Here's the link :

The details are under 'Fatherhood Conference' just a bit down the page.

Spencer at SohoKind

Dana said...


Thanks for the interest. Looking forward to talking this week.


It'd be awesome to see you there! I've updated the link. Thanks for pointing out. Hope all is well.